Fillip Review Panel

Fillip, Vancouver | 2008-2010

  • Randy Lee Cutler, The first Fillip Review Panel (2008)

  • Julian Myers and Sadira Rodrigues, Fillip Review Panel (2009)

Crossing academic, artistic, and related practices, Fillip acts as a forum for critical discussion in the contemporary arts, and situates itself as a complement and stimulus for contemporary practices and discourses. It is based in Vancouver, Canada, and published three times a year.

Between 2008 and 2010, art professionals gathered at Fillip’s Vancouver office to discuss local, national, and international exhibitions and events. Participants included writer and critic Clint Burnham; artist Sabine Bitter; artist, educator an writer Randy Lee Cutler; curator and writer Candice Hopkins; writer and curator Julian Myers; curator, administrator and writer Sadira Rodrigues; curator and writer Keith Wallace; and artists and writer Amy Zion.