Momentous Times

CCA, Derry~Londonderry | 2013

August 26th to November 2nd, 2013


Sarah Browne, Colin Darke, Aideen Doran, Toril Johannessen, Marianne Flotron, Melanie Gilligan, Anja Kirschner & David Panos, Olivia Plender, Raqs Media Collective & Hito Steyerl

Exhibition Notes:

Momentous Times was curated by Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh for CCA. Forums were organized and moderated by Marina Vishmidt.


Preview article was written by Sarah Jackson for Culture24. Review in issue 370 of Art Monthly by Joanne Laws, and Dominic Kearney on Culture Northern Ireland. Caroline Heron and Anthony Iles also made a video interview for Mute Magazine with the curators.

Exhibition and Screenings: Sarah Browne | Colin Darke | Aideen Doran | Toril Johannessen | Harun Farocki | Marianne Flotron | Melanie Gilligan | Anja Kirschner & David Panos | Tom Flanagan & Megs Morley | Olivia Plender | Allan Sekula & Noël Burch | Raqs Media Collective | Hito Steyerl

Forums: Maria Chehonadskih | Mark Curran | Angela Dimitrakaki | Eamonn McCann | John Roberts | Precarious Workers Brigade | Kerstin Stakemeier | Anthony Iles | Marina Vishmidt | Josefine Wikström

The first two decades of the 20th century were undeniably momentous for people of Ireland on many fronts. There were major strikes for dock, tram, and factory workers from Belfast to Cork, Galway to Limerick, from 1907 to 1913, culminating in the Dublin Lockout. The centenary of the Dublin Lockout has prompted CCA to consider conditions of labour and the role of representation in shaping work and workers' rights between three punctual moments: 1913, 2013, and 2113. Through an exhibition, public forums, screenings, and a publication, Momentous Times examines the past, explores the present, and speculates about the future of labour.

Momentous Times features new and recent artworks by ten artists, whom many have never exhibited in Northern Ireland before. On September 7th and November 2nd, 2013, CCA hostsed public forums organized and moderated by scholar and writer Marina Vishmidt. Tying the project together and linking up with other art initiatives responding to the Lockout is Working Times, a newspaper edited by Aileen Burns, Johan Lundh and Helen Carey. The paper is produced in collaboration with Belfast Exposed; Gallery of Photography, Dublin; The Hugh Lane, Dublin; Limerick City Gallery of Art; Mockingbird Arts and Temple Bar Gallery+Studios, Dublin. Pick up a free copy of Working Times in one of the venues listed above or download it on CCA's website.