Artist As Book Launches

The Artist As reader is being lunched at Artspace, Sydney, on 14 March, and at the Melbourne Art Book Fair at the National Gallery of Victoria on 17 March 2018.

Gordon Bennett at MMA

Gordon Bennett: Be Polite is showing at the McMaster Museum of Art, Hamilton, from 11 January to 12 May 2018.

Churchie Art Prize

Aileen Burns and Lundh are judges of the Churchie National Emerging Art Prize 2017, Australia’s leading award for emerging contemporary artists.

Sunday Scene at The Power Plant

Aileen Burns and Lundh will give a tour of Amalia Pica’s exhibition ears to speak of at The Power Plant, Toronto, on 1 October 2017.

Gordon Bennett at CAG

Gordon Bennett: Be Polite is showing at the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver, from 30 June to 24 September 2017.

Nicholas Mangan at Kunst-Werke

Nicholas Mangan: Limits to Growth is on display at Kunst-Werke Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin, between 2 June and 13 August 2017. This survey exhibition was developed in collaboration with IMA in Brisbane and Monash University Museum of Art in Melbourne.

The Artist as Culture Producer

Aileen Burns and Lundh are moderating a panel discussion in conjunction with launch of Sharon Louden’s The Artist as Culture Producer: Living and Sustaining a Creative Life (Intellect, 2017) at QAGOMA, Brisbane, April 22 2017.

Imaginary Accord Book Launch

Imaginary Accord book launch, Melbourne Art Book Fair, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, March 19th, 2017.

Independent Vision Curatorial Award

Aileen Burns and Lundh are on the ICI’s 2016 Gerrit Lansing Independent Vision Curatorial Award nomination committee.

University of Melbourne

Aileen Burns and Lundh are lecturing at the School of Culture and Communication at the University of Melbourne on October 3rd and 4th, 2016.